The expectations for students this upcoming school year


Walking inside the local Target to find a section of school supplies can only mean one thing. School is approaching sooner than expected. For some students, it can be difficult to change their mindset when returning back to school. Students may have to adjust routines, schedules, and availability to fit in their extracurricular activities. With the COVID-19 pandemic in the past, students are looking forward to a normal school year.


“I’m excited for a normal school year. For the last two years, we have had turmoil and such so we are hoping for a productive and fun year.” Guidance Counselor Javier Polavieja said. 

Here are some tips from experts about ways to prepare for going back to school.

Last year, students were not sure what to expect. Teachers noticed that online learning was challenging for some students. Online learning was different and created an irregular routine. The environment was also slower-paced compared to learning in person. As students come back to school this year the hope is that they are ready to adjust back to normalcy.


The counselors want the students this year to have an open mind. The pandemic created different expectations for students. Going into this new school year, learning will be going back to normal.


“The teachers are going to be expecting things and so are the students.” Guidance Counselor Tammy Kurth said.


Struggles will arise at school but that is a part of the process. Mistakes are a part of life which is why there are resources available for students who are struggling. Learn early on to use the resources the school provides. Whether it is for school or mental health wise, teachers are here to help and are willing to answer questions.

“Ask for help early. Do not wait until it gets too hard. Do not wait until you feel like you are drowning.” Kurth said.