District issues safety alert regarding man attending district athletic events

Madison Moon and Isabelle Leofanti

District 204 administrators alerted parents on Wednesday about students giving their telephone numbers to a man who has been attending district athletic events. 

Registration and Residency Administrative Assistant Jeannie Dina notified parents of this activity, addressing concerns of a man by the name of Ed (Eddie) Leinweber. The man has been attending student athletic games in our district and has been sighted taking pictures with students.  

According to the district email, Leinweber has invited students to come to Portillo’s, offering them $20 in “support of Metea Athletics.” Leinweber is not associated with any District 204 athletic programs or events. The district has taken steps to address his presence on school grounds. 

In an Instagram account that appears to belong to Leinweber, he stated that he is prohibited from any school grounds and, if found, he will be arrested.  According to this account, he stated that his intent was to work with schools regarding depression in kids. A post also mentions that he spent over two hours at the Naperville Police Department this week to share his side of the story. 

“I have done nothing wrong, and they continue to make me welcome in the community,” a post on the account said.

Some students have been interacting with an individual who appears to be Leinweber on social media platforms. Any students who have been contacted or have seen this individual should speak to their dean.  

“Some students have already contacted our Deans to share their concerns,” principal Dr. Darrell Echols said. 

This is the second time in the last two weeks that administrators have sent warning emails about suspicious people found on school property. On Sept. 27, Executive Director of Communication Services Lisa Barry sent out a similar email in response to “a suspicious individual who has visited schools in neighboring districts asking for a tour.” However, when asked for his motive, he leaves the location abruptly, without justification. He has been identified as Muhammad Raafay Rajput, 20 years of age, and has been commonly located around Plainfield and Aurora school districts.

 Dr. Echols urges students not to associate with adults that they do not know.  He also recommends that students should not share information, take photos, or exchange phone numbers with strangers.