Annual hunger drive kicks off with high goals


Graphic by Zainie Qureshi.

Chesney Wargo

DMMV and StuGo organized Metea’s annual Hunger Drive October 24-28. All proceeds from the drive, along with money raised from Unity for Community and football game glowsticks, were donated to Loaves and Fishes, Northern Illinois Food Bank and the Marie Wilkinson Food Pantry.

Second period classes are challenged to bring in change that will be collected daily by their teachers in order to reach a goal of 8,000 dollars. “If everyone donates around two dollars, then we will meet our goal. Ithink that we can do that, especially since we have achieved our goal in past years,” cochairman of DMMV Sannah Boyd said.

Student Government and DMMV members have been promoting the drive to students and faculty through posters that say “It Makes Cents” and visiting classes to talk about the cause.

Boyd shared the importance of getting involved in the Hunger Drive. “We don’t realize that many students and family in our own school might be struggling to pay for food everyday. Donating money is just one way that we all can do all our part and support those who need it,” Boyd said.

As for the rest of the community, they benefit greatly from the money donated to the charities. “When we are able to bring the money to Marie Wilkinson food pantry, or Northern Illinois food bank, you see how much those people appreciate it,” Boyd said.

StuGo and DMMV members are excited and hopeful for a great results from the Hunger Drive.

“Hopefully everyone wants to donate a dollar or two to our cause, because it really does make a big difference in the end,” Boyd said.