Are Metea students becoming more disrespectful?


Maddie Crabtree

Some students see school as a dreadful experience full of unfair grades given out by mean and unfair teachers, but unfortunately, as much as teens like to blame someone or something else for their troubles, realistically you can’t. School is a privilege that all students should not take for granted.

Although there are some unfair teachers here and there, they are the reason we have a better education, which leads to an improved and successful future. When a student disrespects a teacher or ignores them, it’s just bringing the student down educationally. There is an issue with disrespect towards teachers and administration at Metea Valley that needs to be fixed.

Personally, I think disrespecting adults is awful and unnecessary in any atmosphere, especially within school. When I see a student back-talking a teacher in class, it wastes the time of my classmates trying to learn.

Some students may become more accustomed to the more lenient teacher and may be more disrespectful in all classes. I believe teachers should stand their ground and not be as lenient when it comes to disrespect, if you want something to stop, start at the root and put an end to the issue right then and there.

I believe education is one of the biggest factors that impacts a child’s future. We are so fortunate to have schooling practically given to us, but many students don’t understand that well enough. There are many places in the world where people can’t even get an education, which leads to a not very promising future in most countries.

Kids at Metea wasting the time of teachers here is so bothersome because people like Malala Yousafzai are putting themselves in danger to get an education while some students here just slack off and disrespect administration here without thinking twice about it.

Although the students are mainly at fault, it could be some of the teachers’ faults as well. All teachers have a different approach to discipline when it comes to student’s disrespecting them. Some give a small verbal warning and brush it off, while others have a more instant and rash action and may yell and/or give out a referral.

Overall, the problem at hand is student disrespect. It’s a waste of class time and goes against one of our main focuses at Metea Valley, which is to live with integrity. Teachers need to be more strict when it comes to this issue. Ending the disrespect would make the teens at Metea better students and better people overall. Making students understand the importance can only improve them in the future. Respect is a skill needed anywhere, and especially in adulthood when it comes to careers, enforcing respect on us students will help prepare us for the future. Ultimately, it’s up to us students to change our actions, but with a little help from the teachers and administration, we can and will crack down on the pressing matter.