Student organizations to collect money for hurricane relief


Graphic by Kainin Blissett

Student organizations will be collecting donations for the Hurricane Harvey relief fund this Friday night at the home football game. Football, Band, Cheer, StuGo, and police members are participating in this community wide fundraiser by carrying around buckets to collect money for the JJ Watt Foundation.

Community members and students are encouraged to give just one dollar in support of the We are One initiative. “Hopefully if you do have money all that we are asking is a dollar. It’s amazing how those dollars collect,” Dean of Students and cosponsor for DMMV StuGo Jennifer Rowe said.

Rowe explains that this friday is the perfect opportunity to come together as a community and dedicate the game to the tragedy in Texas. “While we are having fun we can also take a moment for this cause and for the people whose lives have been disrupted from that norm of being able to enjoy the friday night lights. We are so excited to be able to come out and be very spirited in that way,” Rowe said.

Rowe goes on to talk about her admiration for this community and the role it plays on a national scale. “We collectively value how we are engaged with the world around us and how we are fostering these relationships with people and to me it’s amazing that colleagues and students have been talking what we should do. That’s amazing because it is our responsibility to care for each other and that extends beyond just this local mustang nation,” Rowe said

If students are looking for other ways to get involved they can visit the Metea website for more details. There are also many more opportunities around the community to support the relief fund.

“Read, get connected and see what ways you can help out. You don’t always have to go out and buy something to help,” Rowe said.