Senior tips for incoming freshman


Ben Weiss

Our new staff members Hunter Kulak and Leland Pan interview senior Xavier Cabanas

For incoming freshman, who wrapped up their education in junior high, leaving for high school can be difficult. The new challenges include more difficult classes, extracurricular activities, and finals. To kick off a new year, several seniors offer advice for approaching freshman.

The transition from middle school to high school is difficult by itself, but the first problem students face is “just how big the school physically is.” While some other students know what comes next for them, and have prepared for it.

“I had older cousins who came here, so I was pretty knowledgeable of what was to come; Except for the size of the school“, senior Xavier Cabanas said.

In regards to AP and Honors, apart from being “better” than their normal alternative classes, they are usually looked for by colleges and certain job groups. However taking Honors or AP for the first time can be challenging, especially if you have never taken those types of classes before.

“You take an AP class and you learn good good study habits that you can use in your normal classes.”, senior Arianna Fritz said.

Along with rigorous classes and the homework load, there is also a time where students can choose classes to find relaxing and passionate courses for the school year. “Even if it wasn’t something that I was going to do in the future, it was my chance to be spontaneous and have fun”, senior Grace Butcha said. Every student can have the option in taking classes that can be helpful for future reference, or leisure time to enhance the high school experience.

“Take more classes that are more focused towards your career. Anything that you think would help you with the kind of career you want to do”, senior Kayla Keyes said.

One of the most stressful times for all students are the finals, and these tests can prove intense for freshman who haven’t experienced it in Middle School. Students being tested on the knowledge of everything they have learned for the semester, studying is a requirement for passing these stressful tests. Seniors encourage that freshman use their time wisely during these periods and get their studying done. Ignoring the impact of finals will impact your overall grades.

“Everyone has finals so you use the time you have to study for finals for your finals. You have study halls. Use that wisely. Even when you go home use an hour of study time. Even in the class you have they will give you time to study or at least go through your study guides”, senior Kylie Halmon said.

The focus on academics and extracurriculars are all truly important for any student, but the valuable lessons that students take from high school can keep many students grounded and consistent for the future. Many situations often lead to key values that can shape an individual to who they are by the time those students walk out of Metea Valley High School. And some experiences cannot be gained outside of school.

“Find a good group of friends. They come and go, but there are people who really stuck by me”, senior Grace Buchta said.