The One Direction craze hits the big screen


one direction picture

Thousands of screaming hysterical girls can only mean two things – the world is ending, or One Direction is in town. Fortunately, the world is not coming to an end.

Centered around the lives of five young boys from the UK and their rise to worldwide success, the 3D movie is expected to draw in billions of dollars and millions of die-hard fans – possibly even parents, too. “The movie is a lot more accessible than a concert and it’s something everyone can enjoy without too much screaming,” senior Abigail Ridgway said. The movie will focus on the boys’ personal lives throughout their journey from X-factor until their recent performance at Madison Square Garden. Fans can get an inside look at both the groups’ home life and how they feel about their career and their extremely dedicated fans.

Tickets have already been on sale for weeks before the big premiere, and are sold out for the opening day in almost all states. “I probably won’t go and see the movie the first day because of all the large crowds and screaming girls, but I’ll definitely go and see it eventually,” senior Sabrina Baas said.

In the past three years, One Direction has found themselves on every TV, with countless music awards, a book, and even their own dolls. The movie and an upcoming perfume are just the beginning for these (as much to you hate to admit it) hard-working boys.

Story by Alexis McDaniel

Photo by Ian Gavan from Moviefone