Metea clubs are represented in this year’s activity fair


Aidan Renteria

Students walked around while eating lunch and enjoyed the mass amount of informative posters around the school.

Tanay Pant


The activity fair took place last Thursday, giving students the chance to start their club career over with a brand new year. With more than 70 clubs for students to join this year, there were many stands eager to share the word about their club. From the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS), Model UN, and more, Metea Valley has a variety of clubs to choose from.

Clubs can put a lot of stress on students by requiring lots of commitment, entry money, and other commodities. However, the political club Citizens of Metea allows students to make a difference in the community without having to spend a penny, from working on environmental projects to participating in local government. Their informational meeting is on Monday in D209 from 2:30-3:00 p.m.

“I joined this club because I am really passionate about civic engagement and giving back to my community,” junior Aarushri Kaul said. “I could create my own events, and they would provide me the support and help that I needed to see the projects that I was passionate about come to life.”

If small political community projects are not your ideal, then the Model UN club might be for you. This club centers around a mock-U.N. environment in which students gather and discuss political and social issues from the perspective of the countries they represent. It helps build critical thinking and community-building skills as the members of the club all must work together to solve problems.

“I joined this club because I am very much interested in political debate, and I just loved the idea of being able to share my opinions with others,” a representative of Model UN said. “I want everyone to know that the club is open to everyone with any kind of political views, and we are just a fun club to hone your debate skills in.”

Of the clubs available at Metea, community is undoubtedly the common factor in all of them. OLAS takes this to heart with a student-run club where anyone of any background can come together to celebrate  Latino culture with games, cooking, movies, and more.

“The club is really friendly and fun, and it is a great way to learn about other people’s heritage,” Kimberly Rodriguez said. “Understanding and learning about other people’s heritage is really fun.” 

If you would like to learn about the several other clubs offered, including Speech Team, Yearbook, Youth and Gov, and more, visit the  MV Virtual Activity Fair.