Let’s get creative while chalking the walk

Christina Guckel

Chalk the Walk is a grand yearly event where students from Metea Valley gather with their club outside Metea’s athletic entrance and create a colorful drawing representing their group and what they do. All clubs are welcome, and students are encouraged to attend.

“It is great to see all of our club members out and taking part in the homecoming festivities,” Model UN, JSA, and ISA club representative Scott Gregory said.

Chalk the Walk is just one of the homecoming activities for this year’s homecoming week.

“I think that joining clubs can really help build school spirit,” Muses member Morgan Lease said.

This homecoming week consists of many events. There will be a Tik-Tok Color Craze event on Thursday, and there will be a Pep Assembly and the Homecoming football game against Neuqua on Friday. Lastly, to end the week off, there will be a homecoming dance in Metea’s Stadium on Saturday. Although this week is busier than others, students still find time to unpack their artistic abilities and get creative with coloring their designated square with chalk.

“We are sketching out a big heart and then writing all the members’ names in the middle and kind of just showing our community, and how much we have helped people through a heart,” a Filling Hearts with Hope Club leader Shannon Farmer said.

As a Metea community, some students who get involved in events such as Chalk The Walk enjoy following the highschool experience and traditions Metea offers.

“Anyone can find a club that they are interested in and through our sponsors and through our club members may kind of create a sense of belonging for students,” Gregory said. “Ultimately, I think that is what students really need right now, they need a sense of community, they need a sense of belonging.”