Homecoming resumes despite various challenges

Tanay Pant

Metea Valley hosted the first post-pandemic Homecoming for its students on Oct. 2. The Weather Channel predicted rain three days beforehand, causing concerns about Homecoming activities and food stands. Broadly coating the entire event with uncertainty was the presence of COVID-19 and the impact it could have on the event.

“I am extremely ecstatic that it did not rain,” sophomore Venkata Sri Saiveer Chelliboyina said. “Homecoming was super worthwhile, [and] I am already looking forward to going again next year.”

Unfortunately, some of the planned attractions did not endure, namely the carnival games. In spite of the looming issues, however, the student council and Metea staff managed to put together an experience for all students to enjoy, filled with ice cream, a free-roam football field, and a DJ pumping out music for everyone who wanted to dance.

All the attending students had their own individual reasons for going. For some, it meant being able to see their friends again for the first time in ages, and for others, it simply meant a fun night out. Well before Homecoming even started, one student expressed excitement for their own personal reason.

“I think it is awesome that Homecoming is going to happen since it is going to be one of the first times many people will be able to socialize with others [offline],” an anonymous sophomore said.

The majority of students ended up attending Homecoming. Social studies teacher Donald Pankuch, one of the faculty members overseeing the event, found over 2200 out of 2911 students purchased tickets to attend, constituting at least 75 percent of all students. After a year and a half of semi-isolation, thousands of kids gathered to spend one night with no other objective than to have fun and enjoy the company of others again. Despite the grim forecast, tense planning, and last-minute detours that occurred, many students still found Homecoming to be a fun and enjoyable experience.

“I thought Homecoming was a great way for all of the school to come together in some normalcy,” sophomore Manasa Nekkanti said. “It was super fun and well organized, and [I am sure] everyone had a great time.”