Metea Mic’d fosters growth and competition for poets


Photo Courtesy of Jo Jadhav

Metea Mic’d members take a group picture after a long day participating in a poetry event.

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Reporter

Metea Mic’d is a poetry club that participates in slam poetry competitions, coaches each other’s poetry, and interacts with creative writers from all different corners of Metea Valley. The club only has about a dozen active members, but their doors are open to any prospective students looking to join. 

“We are a club that is focused on all things poetry,” junior Jo Jadhav said. “We mostly write, but we also have fun social events once in a while, like our movie days and our joint meeting with NEHS.” 

NEHS stands for the National English Honors Society, an interscholastic English club. They met together to discuss ways to improve each other’s writing skills.

Metea Mic’d members gather at meetings to bounce ideas off each other and discuss their work in a welcoming and friendly environment surrounded by like-minded individuals. Many of their days are spent writing and reviewing each other’s work, but occasionally the club will get to participate in big events, one of which freshman Alicia Mathew remembers fondly.

“I remember Prep Shop University taught me how to write poetry like modern poets, including Amanda Gorman,” Mathew said. “It is an amazing community!”

Junior Michelle Azie, another club member, also remembers a fond memory of hers, this time at a poetry slam competition.

“Winning third place at the Western Suburban Slam is something that I hold dear to me,” Azie said. “There was a lot of sibling spirit that day. I suppose a strong team is one that has the vibes of a close-knit family.”

For junior Camila Zambrano, a moment of pride was simply to break the ice and share her work with the Metea Mic’d group for the first time.

“I was proud to have the courage to get up and share a poem for the first time and get comfortable with the area around me,” Zambrano said.

As a result of the members of the club being so close, they rely on and look up to one another. In order to make progress, the team must work closely together, and that can often foster meaningful connections. Mathew shares some of the club members she admires.

“I really look up to [Jo] and [Michelle] since they welcomed me with open arms when I was new to the club,” Mathew said. “They are great role models, and I am so happy that I get to work with them!”

All members of Metea Mic’d expressed one common value: they would love to take in new members and grow their club. Their doors are never shut on any prospective writers.

“We are a small, flexible club with a very inclusive and welcoming community,” Jadhav said. “We would love to bring in new members!”

If you are interested in joining Metea Mic’d, they meet every other Tuesday in D204. Contact Jo Jadhav or Michelle Azie for more information.