Students showcase their clubs in the activity fair


Ayaana Pradhan

Students were able to shine a spotlight on their clubs during the Activity Fair

Chloe Stables

This year’s activity fair took place on Thursday, Sept. 8, allowing students the opportunity to pursue their interests while contributing to the school community. Over 70 clubs participated in this event, each expressing their excitement about the new school year. A large variety of clubs were represented, such as the finance club, photography club, and the aspiring health professionals club, all of which are hoping to inspire students to get involved in the Metea community.

The beginning of the school year is a stressful time for all students. While it is important to stay on top of your work, theater club is a great way to relax and express creativity outside of the classroom.

“You can join Mustang comedy, improv, or stand up. You can do tech for the Fall plays where you build and paint props. You could also join drama; we meet every Thursday of every month. You can do anything theater-related,” sophomore Gianna O’Brien said.

Metea is all about encouraging one another and building a common sense of community. For students wishing to interact with and benefit the animals of our area, the animal rescue and rehabilitation club is a great choice. It combines a love for animals and a desire to volunteer for the greater good.

“This club does its best to help any animals around our area,” senior Isabelle Afshari said. “So each month, we get together and we do service activities whether that be making dog toys or treats or having guest speakers come in and talk to us about the Naper Humane Society or the Willowbrook Wildlife Center.”

If you are willing to challenge yourself and learn more about diverse topics, the Scholastic Bowl is a great opportunity to be on a team and compete with other schools in a trivia-based setting.

“My favorite thing [about the scholastic bowl] is the environment. It is nice and friendly and even if you are not good at something, the rest of the team will build you up and help you get better,” sophomore Aarna Raghavapudi said. 

At Metea, we celebrate a large variety of cultures and backgrounds. Clubs can be a great outlet to develop long-lasting friendships and to also connect with one another. While you do not need to be Asian to join, the Asian American club works to empower Asian American culture and uplift those who are curious and eager to learn more.

“It is a great, entertaining, very engaging club. It brings a lot of people together,” sophomore Bradley Zho said. “I know the name is Asian American club, but we bring all races together. We all have a love for similar things.”

To find out more about the clubs Metea students have to offer, visit the Metea Valley High School home page’s clubs and activities tab. You can also click here to view the 2022-2023 virtual activity fair.