How I Didn't Meet Your Mother: A HIMYM Finale Review



How he met the mother is the question that millions of people around the world have been waiting almost a decade to know the answer to. Instead of How I Met Your Mother, a better name would have been “A Really Long Story About My Love Life, With Little To Nothing To Do With Your Mother”

When asked about his opinion on the finale, Rahul Miriyala said “I think that they ruined the reputation of the show somewhat, they had a lot of options and they picked the worst one.”

On March 31, almost exactly nine and a half years after the series debuted in September of 2005, How I Met Your Mother ended in a way that almost no one saw coming. The show, which had received critical acclaim in the past by receiving awards like Emmys and People’s Choice Awards to name a few, ended on possibly the lowest note of all.

The Mother, who had remained unnamed until the finale and hadn’t been seen until the end of the eighth season was one of the focal points of the show, without ever really being in it. When she finally gets a leading role in the finale, she is promptly killed off after about forty minutes of screen time. The character, who had been built up for close to 10 years, was killed in her first and only episode as a main character. After ruining her character and taking away her big moment, the writers of the show then take the focus of the show completely off her and leave her in the dust as Robin once again becomes the main woman in Ted’s life.

For a show that in the past has been raved about for its originality, skillful acting, and brilliant writing, How I Met Your Mother ended on what appears to be the lowest point in its nine year run. Viewers in general responded to the finale very negatively and as I watched it, I couldn’t help but feel that the show left a bad taste in watchers’ mouths instead of a proper farewell.

By Jake Gallucci

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