Mosh pit and music are popular homecoming highlights


Tanay Pant

Students gather at and around the DJ at the homecoming dance.

Chloe Stables, Spotlight Reporter

As the homecoming season comes to an end, Metea Valley students enjoyed their time dancing and socializing at this year’s dance. Homecoming has a well-known reputation for being a night to remember. Several students recall having an exciting evening full of happy memories to look back on.

Despite this year’s homecoming being different from last year, Hervey finds that the mosh pit played a role in her night’s enjoyment. 

“My favorite part about homecoming was definitely the mosh pit,” sophomore Abigail Hervey said. “It was an exciting environment and it was fun to be with my friends. I engaged myself more this year, and it turned out good.”

Penich believes that the decorations contributed to the fun environment of homecoming encouraging her, and many others to socialize.

“Homecoming was different from last year,” sophomore Ellie Penich said. “I thought I was gonna prefer last year’s dance but I enjoyed it this year because it was entertaining. They [the homecoming committee] transformed the school to make it an exciting place for everyone. My favorite part was the mosh pit. The DJ was playing very bussin’ music.”

Compared to last year’s homecoming which was outside, many students agree that an inside setting allowed for an exciting moshpit. 

“I loved homecoming for the social aspect,” sophomore Charlie Benesh said. “Homecoming this year was way more interesting because of the loudness, music, and the mosh pit.”

The mosh pit became a popular destination for students attending this event. Lots of students look back on this particular homecoming since the mosh pit allowed for mass socialization for all students. 

“Homecoming was fun. I enjoyed the music and dancing with friends. I preferred this year’s homecoming to last year’s since there were a lot more decorations and better music. I definitely want a spring or winter formal. I wish next year they would make homecoming longer,” sophomore Emma Kruzel said.