Performers and directors feel positive about Jack and the Magic Beans


Knox Tamhankar

Jack and the Magic Beans was the first children’s play Metea Valley has performed.

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Editor

Metea Valley hosted Jack and the Magic Beans play from Oct. 7-9. Emotions and expectations were running rampant for everyone involved, as it was the first children’s play to be performed by Metea theater. While most considered the play to be executed smoothly, some actors and actresses believed that the auditions were tough.

“[The auditions] were hard,” sophomore Talula Hayes said. Hayes plays the titular Jack in the play. “They gave us a good amount of preparation time, but I did not like that they were pulling people out of being available for other shows. I think it is important to let everyone have a shot.”

Yet, some actors and actresses believed that auditions were seamless and that the coaches and directors were understanding of the nerves that new members of theater were experiencing. Sophomore Gauri Soni played the role of a villager and ‘kitchen girl’ in the play.

“Auditioning was simple,” Soni said. “ The directors and everyone else were super nice. It was easy to get overwhelmed, but everyone tried to calm you down. It felt like being a part of a big family.”

After auditions closed and the roles were publicized, actors and tech crew had to work during regular rehearsals to give the best show they can. For Hayes, the rehearsals were one of the best parts of the Jack and the Magic Beans experience as a whole.

“Rehearsals were so much fun,” Hayes said. “Everyone was throwing ideas out there and getting creative. Even so, it still had a structure, and I loved hearing new voices and thoughts.”

As for the actual play, the actors, tech crew, and directors considered it to be a general success with few hiccups. Even those that worked tirelessly offstage enjoyed their time in the play. Senior Samuel Surma managed the lights during the performances.

“A lot of it was pretty smooth-sailing,” Surma said. “I have always been in the tech crew, and I enjoy working with the lights. It is something that I love to do.”

For sophomore Ciniyah Young, who played the Troll in the play, they delivered an experience that the audience will not forget.

“Our play was enthusiastic,” Young said. “The energy we had in it excited the audience. Even though the play was more catered to [children], the students and parents thoroughly enjoyed it.”