Inside the journalism room


Chloe Stables

Among other things, news journalism members love the student-leadership opportunities and connections made with each other.

Chloe Stables, Spotlight Reporter

Although the journalism program only consists of 22 students, students enrolled in Newspaper Journalism have made a huge impact on our school through their dedication to reporting, clarifying and sharing the stories that affect the student body. While student journalists continue to change our school by exercising their voices, the journalism program and the role of being a journalist have had a profound impact on these students. 


What is your role in journalism?


Nama: My name is Namashritha Koganti; I am a sophomore and I go by Nama. I am the sports editor which means I manage the sports team and edit stories before it is published. 

Allison: My name is Allison Davids, and I am a senior. I am the copy editor so I check for grammar mistakes, make sure everyone follows AP style and that all stories flow correctly. 

Madison: My name is Madison Moon and I am a senior. My current position is the news editor. I overrun the news team, edit their stories and guide them to becoming future editors. 

Lindsey: My name is Lindsey Hall and I am a junior. This is my first year on staff and I am a headlines reporter so I write stories about our school’s news.

Ayaana: My name is Ayaana Pradhan and I am a senior. I am the editor-in-chief of the magazine so I manage the publication, look over deadlines, oversee the layout and visuals and ensure everything goes smoothly. 

Knox: My name is Knox Tamhankar and I am a senior. I am a part of the graphics team so I draw pictures that will accompany stories. 


What was your initial reaction to joining this class?


Nama: At first I was confused because most people were familiar with the classroom environment. Within the first couple of weeks, I made friends easily and they helped me figure it out along the way. 

Allison: When I first joined the class, I knew it was different from all the other classes I had taken, however I was still surprised by the student-run environment.

Madison: I started taking this class when we were online so I was nervous at first because I was not able to experience the classroom environment or see everyone in person but I was still excited. 

Lindsey: When I first started, I was nervous and surprised because of how student-run it is and how the teacher is not as involved in what we do. Over time, I began to realize how much I enjoy this class.

Ayaana: I was shocked at first because I was used to seeing an authoritative figure run the classroom. Even though we have a teacher as our advisor, the class is greatly student-led. 

Knox: I was excited to join this class because I can make drawings for a grade because our assessments are based on self-reflections which allows me to have the freedom to be creative.


What have your experiences been like in newspaper?


Nama: This is my first year on the newspaper staff and I am having a great experience so far. Walking into the class for the first time, I did not know what to expect and I knew no one. Since then, I have made a lot of friends and it is amazing that everyone can get along and collaborate. It is such a positive environment. 

Allison: My experience has been great. I have always loved writing and it has been something I am deeply passionate about so I enjoy coming to class every day and doing what I love. 

Madison: Ever since joining the newspaper, I have met many people. I would say this class has given me a great academic foundation because I can report on different perspectives and ideas. 

Lindsey: I enjoy this class a lot. I have found that it has helped me with my writing and other skills such as interviewing. I am a pretty anxious person but this class has taught me to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people. 

Ayaana: My experience with this class has been enlightening because it is student-led. You learn how to work in an adjusting environment. I have learned how to be flexible with my peers and a better communicator. Since the students are the ones leading the class and making content, it is our responsibility to make connections and work as a team. 

Knox: My experiences overall have been good. I have met a lot of people and we have fun. This class has also helped me with other skills like speaking out and sharing my opinion.


How has being a part of this class helped you grow as an individual?


Nama: This class has improved my leadership skills. As editor of my section, I have had a lot of opportunities for growth. Learning how to be compatible with a team and sharing responsibilities is essential for journalism and any future career. 

Allison: As an individual, this class has helped me grow my confidence. As a reporter, I have to interact with people I would not normally interact with and although it was scary at first, I became more comfortable. I get to learn so many cool things about the school and my classmates and I am exposed to so many different perspectives. 

Madison: Being a student journalist has taught me to get out of my comfort zone, share ideas and collaborate with my peers. 

Lindsey: I have learned to branch out and meet new people. 

Ayaana: This class has helped me gain more confidence because leadership positions force you to go out of your comfort zone, speak in front of other people and take a stand for what you believe in. As an editor, I have learned to instruct my peers and have a firm voice.

Knox: Since joining this class, I have become noticeably more confident and vocal about topics I am interested in. 


What is an important lesson you learned from this class?


Nama: The biggest lesson I have learned this year is to take responsibility and hold yourself accountable. In journalism, things may not always go as planned so it is important to own up to your actions.

Allison: An important lesson I have learned is that collaboration is key to a functional work or academic environment. Every project and story we do includes multiple people. It is important to get everyone involved to have a great end result.

Madison: An important lesson I learned is to trust your teammates because you can not do everything all by yourself. Getting to hear your peer’s opinion can be beneficial. 

Lindsey: I usually prefer to stay in my shell but being able to mix with different sections and work with other writers has taught me how important it is to hear from other perspectives.

Ayaana: Communication is so important. This class has taught me to firmly communicate because, in any work environment, misunderstandings will ultimately lead to some sort of failure. 

Knox: I have learned to rely on my team. 


What is your favorite memory?


Nama: My favorite memory is when we went to the JEA/NSPA convention (Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic Press Association). Every fall there is a national student journalism convention and this year it was held in St. Louis. We stayed there for three days and we were able to go to sessions we were interested in. I would say attending that convention has helped me with my writing structure. It was fun being able to be with my friends and hang out at the hotel.

Allison: My favorite memory is when we went to the NISPA convention and I won an honorable mention for my news writing. It was so rewarding to walk up on stage and receive a certificate. To me, this was a confirmation that my writing is good and knowing my peers read my stories makes me happy. 

Madison: My favorite memory was last year during our end-of-the-year party. We got to go outside of school and do fun activities where we had fun with one another. 

Lindsey: My favorite memory was when we had to solve riddles and complete a scavenger hunt around the school. It was funny because at times we were struggling to solve the riddles but it was also great to meet other people. 

Ayaana: I love everything about this class so it is hard to pick one single experience. 

Knox: There are too many moments to choose from but walking into class for the first time and learning how to function in this environment was memorable. 


What would you tell others about this class?


Nama: Take journalism. It is a great class and you will not regret it. 

Allison: I am so grateful that I joined this class and I wish I had joined sooner. I am gonna miss it when I graduate. 

Madison: This has been an important class. I believe it is so important to get your work out there and to be heard which has proven to be valuable to our community. 

Lindsey: Everyone should join this class. 

Ayaana: Please join journalism. 

Knox: More people should join the newspaper. I do not want to pursue journalism in the future but this class has taught me fundamental skills that will help me in the future.