Social media is changing how we view real life

Social media is changing how we view real life

Sharika Majeti January 23, 2020

I personally can not stand social media. I have pondered a lot about the ways it impacts the mind; beyond the basics. We have all heard about the detrimental effects of social media.  We have all heard...

Drinking water  on a daily basis is a very healthy habit to have

An update on water consumption after the New Year

Brandt Ward January 22, 2020

In my last article about water, I made a New Years resolution to start drinking more water. I was going to start drinking one glass immediately and build up each week. I did successfully do so, but not...

The Iowa Debate stood to define which candidate might take critical early primary states.

Democrats fail to build excitement in the Iowa Democratic Debate

Marco Rivero January 15, 2020

The seventh Democratic debate is the final debate to take place before the Iowa caucus on Feb.3. The lead up to the debate showed the resurgence of Senator Bernie Sanders as he became the frontrunner in...

The divide between centrist and progressive Democrats continues to divide the party.

Moving to the center has led to the failure of the Democratic Party.

Marco Rivero January 9, 2020

The representative of California’s 12th District and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi historically led the Democratic-majority House of Representatives and formally impeached President Donald Trump....

Drinking water is a necessity to live, and drinking extra cant hurt.

Dropping unhealthy habits in the new decade

Brandt Ward December 17, 2019

Ever since I was younger, because of my naturally slim body I never worried about health. I consumed whatever I wanted. There was not any need to keep track of what I put into my body. Until recently,...

The Conservative victory in the United Kingdom has thrown the nation into uncertainty, and the opposition into a frenzy.

Conservatives win big as Labour falters in the British elections.

Marco Rivero December 13, 2019

Tensions were high in Britain following the call for a snap election by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Following years of failure on the passage of Brexit, Johnson opted to risk a new election in an effort...

Fear is one of many feelings provoked during the chaos of the week of the threat.

Threats of a school shooting event invade students’ feelings of security

Brandt Ward December 12, 2019

Anxiety and fear began building throughout last week. Students’ could not stop talking about the shooting threat that went viral. Other schools had heard about the post and their students were contacting...

Rumors about threats against the school spread on social media quickly last week. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, people should check the accuracy of what they are sharing.

Students should be cautious before jumping on the latest bandwagon trend

Ayden Reed December 11, 2019

Rumor has it that Marty the Mustang thinks yellow is by far the best color out there. Honestly, it is not quite sure if that is true, but it is very possible. And it can be assumed that not a lot of people...

Letters to the Editor: Students respond to this weeks events

Letters to the Editor: Students respond to this week’s events

December 6, 2019

Caitlyn Serra Dear Stampede’s Editor in Chief, I am writing in light of the occurrence that surfaced this week at Metea Valley High School. I feel compelled and encouraged to voice my position...

Judging other’s interests is an unfair way to categorize a person

Judging other’s interests is an unfair way to categorize a person

Cache Merriweather December 3, 2019

Everyone has an interest that they would never think of sharing with someone they are not completely comfortable with. Some examples may be witchcraft or music in a different language or even Shawn Mendes...

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