First powder puff game scores points for Fab U Wish


The junior team “Beauty and the Blitz” won Metea’s first annual junior versus senior powderpuff football game Oct. 8, at Mustang Stadium. Though tensions were high with competition among all teams, the players were excited they were able to raise $1,000 for the breast cancer foundation Fab U Wish.

“It feels great that we were able to win, and also support such a great charity,” quarterback and captain of Beauty and the Blitz, Megan Morris said.

Last year, E! News anchor and breast cancer survivor Giuliana Rancic started Fab U Wish, an organization that helps make breast and ovarian cancer patients more comfortable by granting wishes like makeovers and shopping days while they undergo treatment. Recently, Fab U Wish partnered with the Pink Agenda, a non-profit breast cancer research foundation that has already raised over $1 million dollars to fund Rancic’s organization and many others helping the lives of women with breast cancer.

Health teacher and powderpuff advisor Ashley Hartke decided to donate the proceeds from the powderpuff game to Fab U Wish after seeing the organization featured on TV. “Fab U Wish is a different, refreshing concept about granting wishes for women that are suffering from breast cancer,” Hartke said.

The cause of the game hit home for many of the participants. Senior Sidney Bobo felt proud to be playing powderpuff, as well as raising money for breast cancer. “My aunt had breast cancer, and I was even more excited for powderpuff knowing I would be playing for my aunt, ” Bobo said.

“It feels empowering for girls to play a sport like football that is dominated mainly by boys,” Bobo added.

Being a younger school, many participants and staff members would like to establish powderpuff and raising money for breast cancer as a Metea Homecoming spirit week tradition. “With a few changes here and there, I think powderpuff would become a fun, successful tradition,” P.E. teacher and powderpuff referee Christy Damon said.

Morris is excited for her team to play again next year. “I hope that we can build this into a tradition at Metea, and that my team can return and win again next year,” Morris said.

By Drew Danko