Staff Playlist: Halloween Edition


Calling All the Monsters by China Anne McClain

Contributed by Bella Myers 

I love this song because not only is it referring to my favorite holiday, but it also brings me back to my childhood.  When I came across this song again, I was instantly reminded of getting off the bus in elementary school, purposely stepping on leaves to hear the crunch under my feet, while walking towards my warm house to watch Disney Channel.


Zombie by The Cranberries

Contributed by Bella Myers 

While this song may not be specifically about Halloween, I always tend to listen to it around fall.  This song gives me the same feeling as the weather when it slowly gets colder and darker in the evening.  


This is Halloween by Danny Elfman

Contributed by Gray Corkey

From Tim’s Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “This Is Halloween” is the perfect song to get you in the spooky mood, and no Halloween playlist is complete without it. Whether you consider it a Halloween or Christmas movie, now is the time to start listening to the classic soundtrack. The only thing that makes this song better is the Just Dance 3 dance accompanying it.

The Phantom of the Opera (live at the Royal Albert Hall) by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Contributed by Gray Corkey

This one is for the theater fans. “The Phantom of the Opera” from the musical of the same now has the best ominous vibes for October. The classic melody will ring through your head for the whole month. Although “The Phantom of the Opera” is just one song, the entire soundtrack is amazing and is great for the music nerds to jam to. 


Spooky Scary Skeletons remix by Andrew Gold, remix by The Living Tombstone

Contributed by Gray Corkey

The Living Tombstone has an amazing remix of the classic “Spooky Scary Skeletons.” This version of the song is seen a lot on TikTok with the dance that goes with it. Both versions are perfect Halloween songs. I especially love the xylophone part that sounds like skeletons playing on their ribs. Every part of the song is fitted for the season. 


It’s Almost Halloween by Panic! At the Disco

Contributed by Michelle Serna

It gives you a vibe, sort of like a 2000s one. That is correct because this song was made in 2008. Halloween edition, of course. It makes you want to enjoy the time of Halloween coming around, such a great song to listen to on a car ride with friends. This song would be enjoyable to listen to for me when decorating outside for Halloween.