Homecoming loses meaning over time


The dresses, the proposals, the spray tans, the corsages, and the pictures. Homecoming is near.

The American Tradition was mainly originated in 1910 at Baylor University. The school invited all alumni back to their campus with a massive football game, rallies, parades, and a dance. These activities and rituals quickly expanded nationally to many high school and college campuses.

Along with popularity among schools, the idea of Homecoming was shown in media as well. Greaser Danny Zuko and outcast Sandy Olsson reunited at their schools homecoming pep rally and bonfire which occurred before the big homecoming game. Giving an ‘All-American’ touch to the famous movie.

Has the true meaning of Homecoming been lost in our superficial requirements for the famous night? Is your hair, makeup, and dress more relevant than alumni coming back for the fall festivities and showing your school spirit?

Here at Metea, students tend to focus more on the actual homecoming dance rather than the football and rallies. Whether it’s getting asked with roses and a sign or getting your pictures taken at the fountains downtown Naperville, these moments are seen as crucial to the teenage students that attend the dance.

“We’re not necessarily disrespecting the original idea of homecoming, I just think we all got caught up in the glitz and the glamor of getting asked and the dance itself,” sophomore Ellie Greenberg said.

I hope all Mustangs enjoy the rest of theme week with as much school spirit as they can; The Stampede wishes the football teams luck on their games this week. Have a great homecoming!


By Megan Arnold