Robotics team members work on their build in preparation for their upcoming tournament.

Metea Robotics empowers girls looking toward a STEM career

Claire Baffes December 17, 2019

Mustang Voltage electrified District 204's robotics scene when it made its way to VEX Worlds, the highest level of competition in high school robotics. Powered in part by two girls' teams this season,...

The Life360 app is growing in popularity among parents as it introduces more advanced features through its plans.

Debate over Life360 app rules it both an invasion of privacy and a necessary safeguard

Noelle Smagala, Website Manager/Social Media Editor December 12, 2019

Doodoodoo! Mom arrived at home. Doodoodoo! Angela left Bryan’s house. By the end of 2018, approximately 18 million users were receiving alerts like these each month on the popular tracking app Life360....

Mental Health Matter meets and discusses the best ways to help students

Mental Health Matters highlights the importance of mental health

Paige Friedlander December 11, 2019

Mental Health Matters works to alter people’s perspectives on mental health. They discuss ways in which they can help ease the pressure faced by students. The club's goal is to come up with events and...

Music plays over the speakers on Fridays as a treat for students.

Music on Fridays aims to enhance school spirit

Jessica Velazquez December 6, 2019

After a long week of school, students are excitedly looking forward to the weekend. Finally finishing up that essay or test looming over the week, Fridays are a big relief for many.  Metea takes an...

Claire sports her fandom spirit with buttons and trinkets adorning her backpack.

Fandoms represent a new 21st century culture

Claire Baffes December 4, 2019

The general enjoyment of a topic or subject is a sensation that most people can relate to. However, that public enjoyment moves on to something else once someone begins to define themselves by it. Which...

CTU Teachers strike as they clash with Mayor Lightfoot

The Chicago Teachers Union strike highlights an underlying message among educational equity

Marco Rivero and Leland Pan November 15, 2019

On a seemingly normal October morning, a media onslaught would begin. Over the course of the month, endless headlines in blazing bold font would scream of money-hungry teachers and kids not getting the...

AirPod users share their opinions of AirPod Pros

AirPod users share their opinions of AirPod Pros

Paige Friedlander November 7, 2019

Apple has recently released its AirPod Pros. The new set of wireless earbuds comes with a variety of new features. At a price of around $250, the AirPod Pros are sweat and water-resistant, have a battery...

Metea tiene la reputación de siendo la escuela más diversa, pero la representación de estudiantes Latino/Hispanos todavía está subrepresentada en las clases de AP.

Las clases de AP en Metea todavía tienen una brecha en representación y éxito con los estudiantes Latinos/Hispanos

Isabella Villalobos October 30, 2019

Cuando entras a una clase en una escuela pública, no piensas que la diversidad va a ser un problema.  Hay carteles que muestran mensajes de inclusión, pero en las clases de AP todavía no hay suficientes...

Working high school teens find it difficult to balance academics and part-time jobs

Working high school teens find it difficult to balance academics and part-time jobs

Noelle Smagala October 23, 2019

Life for teens belonging to the up and coming generation can be astoundingly hectic as it is. Given the demands of school, sports, and other responsibilities, just the thought of adding a job into the...

Senior Elizabeth Livorsi asks club sponsor Rebecca Walker a question

Mustang Comedy prepares for a new year of comedy

Amber Corkey October 11, 2019

Mustang Comedy has recently rebranded away from Mustang Improv. This recent change happened due to new teachers and students from last year who brought new ideas and practices to the group. Rebecca Walker,...

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