Farewell Friday: Isaiah Spence

Farewell Friday: Isaiah Spence


Do you plan on progressing further on with YouTube?

Yes I do plan on progressing forward with it because I want people to look up to me and I want to inspire other people to achieve more in life like how other YouTubers have inspired me to start vlogging and achieve more in life. The main YouTuber that got me interested was Pontiac made DDG and he started at the bottom but then he started to elevate in his craft. He was able to move out to L.A and progress further into YouTube.

Do you plan on going to college, if so where?

Yes, I do plan on going to college; I plan on going to College of Dupage for two years and then I plan on transferring out to University of Miami in Florida.

How do you feel about leaving Metea?

It’s actually both a sad and happy feeling. It’s sad because you’re going to miss being able to do what you can do in high school and having that childish feeling, but I also feel happy because you can become an adult and experience new things in the real world.

 What would you miss most about Metea?

Definitely the atmosphere. A lot of things would change such as the architecture, rules, and the system when I move on to COD.

What do you plan on majoring in?

I plan on majoring in physical therapy. It’s a combination of math, science, and sports which is perfect. I love math and science because it’s very interesting and challenging, I’ve always been around sports, and basketball was a big part of my life at one point.

 What advice do you have for incoming freshman or juniors who are about to be seniors?

Stay focused. Focus is the big thing because there’s a lot going around like drama and rumors. You just have to be focused on school and your education.

What do you look forward to most about college?

I look forward to just being on my own and learning how to do certain things as an adult/college student. I want to face the difficulties and different situations that may come.