Humans of Metea: ‘Pooja Nadiger’


Tanay Pant

Pooja Nadiger enjoys badminton, robotics, and Youth and Government

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Editor

Junior Pooja Nadiger enjoys robotics, Youth & Government and badminton. Keep reading to hear about her experiences at Metea.


What is your favorite thing about badminton?

I like the community since everyone is kind and accepts everyone else as teammates. The sport in general is great compared to others.


How have your experiences been in robotics?

Building robots and watching them slowly come together is rewarding and fun. There are a few things for us to improve on such as communication and time management, but besides that, I enjoy my time there.


How was your experience as a student election judge?

It was a good experience to learn how the election works and how to build a connection with the rest of the community. I made a lot of great friends and memories during the election. The hours were long and hard but it was definitely worth it.


What are you worried about your senior year?

Definitely applying to college and working on my application. There is plenty of pressure to get into a good school, which means that I might have to spend a ton of time refining my essays. Even with all of that hectic stuff, I manage the stress with activities like badminton.


Is there anyone that you want to shout out?

My AP Computer Science teacher, Mr. Greenwood.


 Is there anything else you would like to add?

Enjoy high school to the fullest. I know that contradicts what I said about grades earlier but this time will not come back.