Humans of Metea: Srivatsa Vokkarane


Tanay Pant

Junior Srivatsa Vokkarane enjoys chess and cricket.

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Editor

Junior Srivatsa Vokkarane is a part of chess club, cricket club, and plays the violin. Keep reading to learn more about his experiences here at Metea.


What is chess club all about?

Chess Club is a club where people can get better at chess and in general play with their friends. We have structured tournaments if people are interested, but most people come for unstructured free play. If players are good enough, they can start going against other schools on the chess team. However, most of our club is there because we enjoy playing chess and hanging out with each other.


How has Metea helped you grow as a student?

I would say that Metea has allowed me to connect with other people and help other people. I love that there is a lot of diversity in this school so you can meet all different kinds of people.


How do you think Metea could improve?

I think bathroom sanitation could be better. Although, if I think more about it, the issue is more about students than Metea as a whole. Apart from that issue, I guess Metea is doing alright.


Is there anyone that you want to shout out in any of your clubs?

Shout out to junior Deep Sahu.


Anything else you would like to add?

The blue one is the best Power Ranger.