The Guide Right Program encourages students to attend college


Chloe Stables

Guide Right chairman Bob Engram helps students get on track for college

Chloe Stables, Spotlight Reporter

For some students, attending college has always been a priority because of the extensive education you receive and the many new experiences that follow. For others, going to college is a nonviable option because of poor grades or the expensive costs. During the school year, it is easy for students to fall behind and become unmotivated. The Guide Right program offered at Metea works to keep students on track and make the college experience accessible to everyone. 

“We try to get our students to understand that, in our opinion, they will have a higher quality of life if they attend college. We help them prepare for college and get scholarships because college is very expensive.” Guide Right chairman Bob Engram said.

Bob Engram, who has been coming to Metea for about seven to eight years, says that the biggest impact of the program is having students go to the college of their choice. 

“I have had several graduates from this school. One went to Marquette to study pre-med and another one is at my alma mater, Howard University”.

Although attending college is not the only way to be successful, Engram believes that it is an excellent path that can lead to a promising future. 

“My door is open for everybody. I am trying to help everybody understand that they need good grades and understand the material they learn in high school in order to become successful in college. I am also going to try to connect them to a scholarship so that if they do not have the resources, we can find the money in other areas so they can attend college,” Engram said.

The program also offers advice and experiences outside the classroom. 

“We take college tours and go to the Chicago Bulls game as part of our work hard, play hard ethic. We want students to see college and imagine themselves there in such a way that they will make that jump and attend,” Engram said.

Bob Engram comes to Metea every Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. If you are interested in the program, you can visit him in the collab center located in the LMC.