Humans of Metea: Vishruth Gonur



Vishruth is involved with chess club, PLTW, and other Metea extra-curriculars.

Tanay Pant, Spotlight Editor

Junior Vishruth Gonur is involved with SkillsUSA, the Math Honor Society, and Chess Club. He is also involved in many sports including basketball, football, and volleyball. Keep reading to learn more about his experiences here at Metea.


What is the Math Honors Society all about?

We provide and promote access to math for all ages. We also host a bunch of competitions in elementary and middle schools across the area. Our team also provides math competitions as well for the more competitive kids, which means we make and grade all the tests. It is a very rewarding program to be in, and it is so much more than a ‘math club’ for people who want to go into STEM.


What’s your favorite thing about chess club?

A lot. Obviously, we play chess and hang out for an hour after school, but you have a choice in whether it’s a competitive or casual environment. You do not have to be super good to play either; a lot of the people there are average players. It is not my favorite club, but it is definitely one that I enjoy.


Tell me a little about Project Lead The Way (PLTW).

Ever since sixth grade, I have always taken at least one PLTW class and that stems from the fact that engineering has always been something I am passionate about. Plus, it is one of my strong suits. PLTW classes are also a major reason why I am considering majoring in computer engineering in college. PLTW classes are something I will continue to take next year as well, and something I am grateful for, as they have inspired my interest within the stem field for me.


How has Metea Valley helped you as a student and person?

Metea has an awesome STEM staff, and their drive to help and teach their students is remarkable. I went to a different school for the better part of my freshman year and I have to say that the environment there was completely different. The teachers did not seem to care about their job or the students they taught, whereas here I feel like there is a real energy in the teachers that other schools lack. Metea is such a great place to learn and explore all different types of interests.