Farewell Friday: Phillip Sims

Why do you want to go to U of I?

I want to go there because they have a really good support system and they treat me like a family, I also got scholarships to wrestle for their team.

How have the classes you’ve taken helped you determine what you wanted to do in college?

I haven’t taken as many classes that I need to understand what I want to do, but I know that I can get a hang of it once I start. There weren’t many classes that I could take.

What are you going to study?

I want to be a physician assistant because growing up I’ve always wanted to be a doctor because it’s an interesting way to help people.

How does wrestling affect your school life?

I miss out on a lot of other school activities and hanging out with friends. With major matches and tournament.

What is some advice you want to give to underclassmen?

Mind your business and stay out of the drama. There is too much in life to experience to let people distract you from what’s positive in your life.

Are you going to wrestle or coach wrestling later?

No, I won’t have time to participate in the sport but I do plan on coaching later. Maybe high schoolers.