Farewell Friday: Stampede Staff

Fourteen seniors from our stampede staff are graduating, and they are off to greater things. We wish you all the best, and we’ll miss you dearly.

What are you going to miss most about high school and newspaper?

Kellie Foy (Magazine EIC): Being able to see my friends everyday walking down the hallway and being able to hang out when I want. Having to say goodbye to a lot of great people is really going to suck.

James Turnbull (Headlines Reporter): Wind Ensemble. I’m a part of highest concert band which is wind ensemble. I’m going to miss Mr.D and his stories and the music we all play together.

Kennedy Homan (Graphics Editor): I’m going to miss Ms.Perenti the most. She is so extravagant and a great teacher. She’s retiring this year, so it’s like she’s leaving and I’m leaving.

Ben Weiss (Perspectives Editor): A lot of people that I met here. Everyone that I’ve met has been a part of my journey, They helped me break out of my shell and they helped me become who I am today. I’m definitely going to miss a lot of staff and students.

What have you learned in journalism that other classes didn’t teach?

Claudia Grzyb (Spotlight Editor): The conversations we have during pitching. Being able to discuss things that we’re passionate about was the best part of it all. It made me feel like I was really part of a staff, and I’m a part of a job. It wasn’t just a class I did on the side.

Juthi Saha (Profiles Editor): Communication and respecting others opinions. It’s not always about what you think is right and you have to understand where people are coming from.

What has Mr. Page taught you?

Avani Shah (Headline Editor): He’s always even minded. Whenever there’s an issue where emotions are trumping logic and emotions are affecting the reasonable solution to always step back and look at things from an open minded perspective.

Laurel Westphal (Perspective Reporter): He’s taught me to just relax and to step out of my own head sometimes, because it’s more important to see the world larger than it is. It’s always harder looking for the outside in and he’s taught me that.

How do you think you’ve improved most on during your high school experience?

Aimee Leal (Photo Editor): Speaking up for not only myself, but others as well when there’s something wrong. Saying something when I see something has solved a lot of problems.

What will you take away from your high school experience?

Nate Burleyson (Sport Editor): It’s definitely okay to mess up sometimes, and if you are able to pick yourself back up everything will be okay. Also, not everything you do in school is do or die, as long as you have the motivation to keep working you’ll be okay.

Riley Burgoon (photographer): During high school I was constantly wishing the time would go faster so I could get out of school. For college I want to really enjoy my time and make memories that will last for a long time.

What you are majoring in?

Maddie Crabtree (Website EIC): Focusing on sports communications. I’m going in as a journalism major, but I’m switching that and I might go into a public affairs route. Hopefully working in the NHL.

Hunter Kulak (Perspectives Reporter): As of right now I want to major in criminal justice at COD. They have a program that switches over to IIT where I can further my education.

What will be your biggest change from high school to college?

Tanvi Pant (Headlines Reporter): The responsibilities and self discipline. I will have to start doing everything on my own. Time management and getting everything done on time used to be difficult, but going off to college I have to take control of that.

What do you wish you did differently during high school?

Esha Mandadi (Spotlight Reporter): I wish I would’ve taken regular Pre Calc instead of honors. There’s nothing wrong with the class, I’m just not good at Math and it tanked my GPA.

What are you scared of post-high school?

Esther Whang (Graphics designer): It’s really a mix of how big college is going to be and I’m nervous about failing in college.

Lauren Coates (Perspective Reporter): Since me and my twin brother are going to different colleges I’m afraid that we might fall out of touch a little bit. I know we’re only a phone call away but it’s different than face to face talking everyday.