Humans of Metea: Drushya Musham

Starting and growing a business is one of the hardest things one can do. Devoting a considerable share of that business to charity is even harder. Junior Drushya Musham is at the early stages of growing her own business. By selling necklaces to students in Metea, the young entrepreneur hopes to develop a sustainable business while also helping make a difference in other people’s lives.


What kind of business do you run?

Recently I started a business, more like a charity, and I make necklaces. They’re five dollars each, and all the profits go to charity. I write people’s names on grains of rice, like really really small, and they can personalize the beads they get and the message on them.

What kind of necklaces are they?

They can be necklaces, or they can be bracelets depending on how many times you wrap them around, but they’re tiny veils with colored beads all around them.

What inspired you to donate the money to charity?

I do a lot of community service, but I wanted to have immediate change happening. So I wanted to do something on the side, something I’m passionate about like art. So I woke up one day and decided to get to it and have been working since then.

Which charities are you donating to?

I was thinking about Feed My Starving Children and those kinds of charities, but then I decided it was better if the money went to something that could be sustainable. I decided on Kiva Loans which allows you to loan out money to students and entrepreneurs in third world countries which you’ll eventually get back after the loan gets repaid. I chose this because it allows me to continue running the business while still being able to help people.

Where do you sell so far?

I’m still starting so I’m going by word of mouth. I talk to friends, teachers, and have flyers all around the school, which gives me orders to fill. I’m working on a website that will be ready soon, but so far I’m just starting, so social media and word of mouth are the way to go. I want it to grow so it’ll be nice if it takes off and I can make a difference.