Humans of Metea: Alyssa Schneider

Running a marathon tops many people’s to-do lists. But few can say that they went through with it. Math teacher and cross country and track sponsor Alyssa Schneider had the opportunity to do so last weekend. She ran all 26.2 miles in the Chicago marathon in under three hours, qualifying for the Olympic trials as well. 


How did the marathon go?

“It was terrific. The marathon was my fourth overall, third in Chicago, and was about a three and a half minute personal best for me. So I was thrilled with it.”

What kind of training goes into something like the Chicago marathon?

“A lot of miles. A lot of time. I cross-train a lot to a bike and swim so that I don’t get injured. But it’s definitely a lot of time I’d say train about 10 to 12 hours a week.”

What can you bring back to cross country and track from doing something like this, especially the number of times that you’ve done it?

“I think it just helps to have the perspective of obviously, like, what it feels like to do some of the harder workouts and what it feels like to race. And I think I can bring a lot of insight to our athletes, and so they enjoy hearing a perspective from someone who goes through it as well.”

Any words of advice for someone who may want to run a marathon or do long-distance racing like this in the future?

“I think this is an enriching experience. It just takes a lot of hard work. But if you’re willing to take steps to get there, I think it’s an awesome experience, and I think anyone can do it. If they’re willing, you can take the time.”