Small clubs bring opportunities and enjoyment to students

Amber Corkey

Animal Rehab and Rescue Club

For those who are interested in animals, Animal Rehab and Rescue is the perfect place. It meets every other Tuesday, but they hold a lot of events, like their upcoming adoption event on March 28. 

“I really care about animals, and I’ve always wanted to help [animals], and I felt like this would be a good way to start,” freshman Isabelle Afshari said.

Focusing on helping animals and shelters, Animal Rehab and Rescue allows students to make a difference in their community and in the lives of animals. 

Art Club

Amber Corkey

Art Club enables students to express themself through painting, drawing, and other artistic mediums. The club meets monthly. Students are able to participate in workshops to create completed works of art. Art Club includes a variety of projects such as ceramics, pastels, printmaking, and more. The club is open to all students whether they are in art classes or not. `

Book Club

Book club allows students who have a passion for books to share their opinions with other book lovers. The club reads books together and gets into controversial discussions such as book-to-movie adaptations. 

“It is not like an English class where we are forced to discuss. We get to choose the topics and books that we want to talk about, and everyone is super nice and respectful,” senior Shelby Brown said. 

The club meets every Thursday morning in the LMC, and it is open to all bookworms.

Literary Magazine

Paige Friedlander

Literary Magazine allows students to get real-world experience of working in a publication of a magazine, however, the content is much more creative and expressive. Students work together to make art and write stories, layout a magazine, make final edits, and publish a product they all had a part in. 

“Creating the magazine is its own art form in itself,” junior Sebastian Amora said. “You’re not just throwing all these words together, but you’re making it presentable in a way that is unique.”

They meet every other Tuesday, and students can contact Mrs. Gervasio for more information.