Farewell Friday: Zainab Abbas

Where do you plan to go to school next year?

I committed to the University of Illinois, and I plan on studying interdisciplinary applied health science.

What are you looking forward to in college?

I am looking forward to being more independent and being able to focus on my major because that is something I am really interested in.

Do you plan to join clubs in college?

Absolutely. I was in a lot of clubs at Metea, and I really want to join more next year. I hope to find clubs similar to the ones I was in here, and I want to find new clubs.

What is your favorite part of Metea?

My favorite part about Metea is being able to meet some of my closest friends. I also really like the school spirit here. I love that I was able to make so many memories at Metea.

What is one memory you have about Metea?

I have so many great memories of Friday night football games and hockey games. I loved hanging out with my friends while being able to support Metea.

Do you have any advice for the younger grades?

It is super important that you get involved in clubs and sports. It is a way to meet a lot of people, and it is so much fun. Also, try to take advantage of every opportunity because that is when school is the most fun.