Humans of Metea: Sara Wojtasik


Cache Merriweather

New teachers are starting the year off in a way unlike the previous.

Sara Wojtasik is a new teacher in the English department this year. She teaches Philosophy, AP Language and Composition, and English I. This will be her third year as an English teacher, but her first year at a new school with remote learning. Although the year is not starting the way she expected it to, she is still excited to start anew with the Metea staff. 


Why did you want to become a teacher, and more specifically, an English teacher?

Honestly, I have always wanted to be a teacher since I was little. I think part of it is because I always loved reading. I was definitely a nerd in school and proud of it. I really wanted to share that with people. So that is why I wanted to be an English teacher, but I wanted to be a teacher because I really love working with students. I think you guys are absolutely amazing. I love being part of your growth and learning. And honestly, I learn as much from my students as they hopefully learn from me,  and I just love that relationship.


What was the transition from your previous school to Metea like?

I would say that the transition was a little hectic because I joined Metea right before the school year started, so everything was a little rushed. But the team at Metea is absolutely fantastic. They really took care of me and showed me around the school and answered all of my questions, so I felt like I was ready to start there. 


As a new teacher, how is it starting in a new building with a new staff, but all through remote learning?

It is a little weird meeting a lot of the people all at once on Zoom, but I think that having those meetings with the departments, where I can see faces, has helped. They have been very welcoming. 

Being able to put names to faces and being included has really helped me to start to know people a bit more. 


How are you feeling starting a new school year full of so much uncertainty?

I feel excited, I would say. I definitely wish we were face to face. I think it is easier to get to know each other and to create that classroom environment. I think doing it through Zoom presents a new challenge, which I am excited to face and see what new things I can come up with.


What is something you miss about in-person teaching?

I noticed that the thing that I missed the most is all of the side conversations that usually happened in class. You cannot really do that through Zoom, because only one person is talking. I miss these kinds of quick side comments and listening in on side conversations to find out something about my students and chiming in. You just do not really have that through Zoom.