Humans Of Metea: Anabel Orchard


Emma Grace, Christina Guckel

Anabel Orchard is a cheerleader and is involved in many other clubs here at Metea.

Christina Guckel, Spotlight Editor

Anabel Orchard is a junior here at Metea Valley. She is involved in cheerleading during the fall season, but when she is not at cheer, she contributes to clubs such as Student Government, Special Olympics, MV Connect, Filling Hearts With Hope, and many more. Orchard is willing to speak on how she has gotten involved with her many school activities.

How does being involved in a club affect your experience here at Metea?

It makes high school a much better experience getting to know more of my peers and teachers.

What is your favorite event or theme from this past spirit week?

Pajama day or twin day is my favorite.

What is something that you struggle with in school and how do you cope with it?

Balancing and keeping up with all my homework. I always prioritize what needs to be done and make sure to take advantage of in-class time or flex days. I also use the resource rooms to avoid confusion later on.

What is some advice you can give to others for this year’s finals?

For freshmen and sophomores who have never taken finals, it is really not as bad as people put it out to be, and as long as you have been putting in the effort, it will reflect your overall grades. Prioritize the classes you need to do well in rather than overwhelming yourself.

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