Humans of Metea: Peyton Owen


Christina Guckel

One activity Peyton Owen is involved in is the Speech team. In particular, he is one of the four captains.

Ollie Shuminas, Spotlight Reporter

Senior Peyton Owen is involved in the theater program, Tri-M, MV Connect, band, and choir. He is also a captain of the Speech team. Keep reading to learn more about his experiences here at Metea.

What is your favorite memory from one of the many activities you are involved in?

Speech is definitely my favorite [activity] without a doubt. I love the student leadership that speech gives you. There are obviously teacher sponsors, but the ability to work on yourself and with your friends is something that very few clubs have here at Metea and I love that.

Who has inspired you to be the best version of yourself? 

My twin sister Maggie because she is pretty cool. She is on American Ninja Warrior, and I got to keep up with her and be the cooler twin. She is winning right now.

How has being a student here at Metea set you up for success? 

I am going into the performing arts hoping to be an actor, and this school just has such a beautiful, strong, and thorough program, so I have gotten such great training here. The teachers and coaches here are very dedicated and passionate about bettering me, so I have always felt that I have been very important at this school, and that has definitely set me up for the success that I hope to achieve.

Is there anyone you would like to say a few words to? 

To the freshman trying to figure out what their place in the school is and what groups they want to end up in high school is fun because of the extracurriculars. There will be people that only come here for the academics and find it exciting, but so many of us who enjoy high school and are excited to come here is because of the people that we met and are a part of after-school activities so do not be too afraid to join something because you might not be good enough. Just start from the bottom because the truth is we all start from the bottom, but the real way to enjoy high school is to keep working your way to the top.

What is a message you can give to other high schoolers?

Especially in high school, we are all kind of hoping that we get rewards from the work that we do but the reality is that we do not always get that. Sometimes your work will pay off but sometimes it does not. The way you truly achieve success is by putting in the work you deserve and keep trying because you will get there.

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