Humans Of Metea: Sydney Philo


Samantha Philo, Christina Guckel

Junior Sydney Philo shares her passion with music and theatre.

Christina Guckel, Spotlight Editor

Sydney Philo is a junior here at Metea. She is involved in many activities, including theater and music. She is a part of the clubs: Off The Record, Chamber Choir, and the Mental Health Matters Club. She also shares her leadership skills with underclassmen when participating as a P.E. Leader and a Metea Connect Leader. With her involvement, she shares her experiences and highlights of her school life with us.

What is your favorite memory of theater?

That is tough. Since a lot of my theater career has been online, I would say probably getting to do “CLUE” because it was the first in-person show in a long time. 

How are you involved in the Mental Health Matters club?

I am an advocate for mental health, and we work on different ideas to create awareness at our school. One of the big things has been wellness Wednesdays, finding workshops to do during lunches, and finding different opportunities to spread mental health awareness.

How are you involved in singing?

I am involved in Off The Record, which is acapella vocal jazz. I am also involved in the Chamber Choir, one of our high curricular choirs. It is really fun, and I have created a lot of connections. I have learned a lot in the groups once I got into them, which is really cool.

What was your favorite role in your theater career?

I would say Scarlett in “CLUE” because it was just really animated, fun, and sassy. But I am also Val in a “Chorus Line” right now, and I am getting to work on that, which has been super fun, so that might be my favorite role, but that does not happen until mid-April.

What is some advice you can give to other students at Metea?

Get involved because there are so many more opportunities. Look at [those] opportunities to use your leadership skills and awareness and help the people around you.

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