Mental health youtube channels are great resources during quarantine

If you are looking for something great to do during quarantine you have come to the right article. Isolation is amazing for self inquiry and deep introspection. Spending time with only yourself will do wonders. During this quarantine I have spent so much time thinking, reflecting, and meditating. The best part is you only need yourself to do these things; nothing else. I have never been more at peace or content in my life and I have seriously given some thought into who I am, what my purpose is, what I want, what I believe, and what I think the meaning of life even is.

I honestly could not have experienced all this self growth without the YouTube channel “Infinite Waters (Diving Deep),” also known as Ralph Smart. What an enlightened, wise dude he is. I have been obsessively watching his videos and learning a ton about happiness, spirituality, and life. Watching his videos will seriously do anyone good, whether you are into spirituality or not. And if you are into spirituality, even better, his channel will definitely fuel your interest. His videos will help people love themselves, realize their true potential, find their purpose, find happiness, and much more; basically just milking the best, most sincerely good things out of life. Simply hearing his voice gives me positive energy and vibrations. Also, I have learned some great things about physical health from his videos. He always highlights the connection between the mind, body, and soul very well. I could go on and on, but you should just watch the videos, he says it best.

Another really awesome self-help, spiritual, and philosophical YouTuber is Vishuddha Das, also known as Koi Fresco. He has very profound, philosophical takes on simple things. is another really interesting YouTube channel and it is run by a guy named Leo. He dives into some extremely intriguing philosophical concepts such as epistemology. Many of his videos are also about self-actualization and self-transcendence and are very helpful. And lastly, another wonderful self-help YouTuber is Aaron Doughty. He specifically has the most practical, clear-cut videos in terms of what you can do to feel better or make your life better. His approach is very engaging and to-the-point. His videos about anxiety, especially social anxiety, and higher consciousness/enlightenment have helped me the most. All of these YouTubers have great videos to help with mental illness as well. Really any sort of problem you are experiencing in life or in the mind, self-help Youtube videos are a lovely resource. Although YouTube videos are not a substitute for mental health treatment, they can be very helpful if you don’t have access to therapy due to affordability or the quarantine.