COVID-19 school update: e-learning


Leland Pan

Although summative scores will not be given out during this time, teachers are encouraging students to keep up with their learning for the time being.

The Illinois State Board of Education issued a written statement regarding this time:

“An Act of God Day is a day that is used for a condition beyond the control of the district that poses a hazardous threat to the health and safety of the students. Act of God Days must be approved by the regional superintendent and the State Superintendent of Education. Act of God Days count toward the required number of student attendance days in the Public School Calendar and are not required to be made up.”


ISBE directed school districts with the option to take attendance. IPSD schools will not take attendance between today until March 30, 2020. If parents or guardians have questions while schools are closed, they can call the central line 630-375-3890 or email [email protected].

Testing and Grading:

The struggles that come with the lack of face to face instructions affect students’ understanding of the material. Teachers are aware that each student has a different level of understanding in various skills and will provide feedback with any assignments completed.

“There will be no summative grades assigned to assessing skills that are introduced online,” English teacher Jessica Thomas said.

Spanish teacher and World Language Department Chair Gabriel Medina have given assignments to help students with keeping their skills in check. “We expect to stay connected with our students and provide engagement to have continuous learning throughout this time,” Medina said.

 As the date for the AP exam is coming closer, students will begin to prepare for the test. The AP testing schedule will continue the same May 4-8 and 11-15 with flexible testing options depending on the circumstances by May. The College Board will have an executive decision regarding AP testing by Friday. Students who are enrolled in AP classes will be directed by their teachers to the AP Classroom website for assignments using their College Board username and password. 


Students should have in mind that these next days are non-instructional, but assigned work will only help students grow in the area of study. Assignments will not be counted for as a grade. If students have technology-based issues, they can send questions to the Technology Support Center at [email protected]

“I tried to assign activities very similar to my style of teaching and my overall expectations. I hope my students feel that my activities are not only engaging but also go a long way to continuing to polish their language skills,” Medina said. 

Teachers will make sure students are ready to go back to the curriculum and move along through it without setbacks. The final exam schedule will go along as scheduled since the school is not required to make up any days at the end of the school year.