Changes in learning and testing shift to a new normal


Homework gets a new meaning with the e-learning system

With the comfort of working in pajamas, students are gaining momentum in remote learning. Students have had to adapt to these new changes and make new routines to make sure their assignments are completed.

“I like that e-learning gives me flexibility in my daily schedule,” senior Ellie Schutzius said. “If I have more urgent issues or tasks in the day, it’s easier to rearrange my schedule.

Despite the flexibility, some students are finding it difficult in adjusting to e-learning.

“It’s very hard to adapt to since you’re on your own the majority of the time, and learning new material is stressful. I feel like teachers are putting more assignments out since we haven’t taken tests. For me, it’s been a lot of work that I don’t understand half the time and I have to ask around or go on YouTube for help,” freshman Alyssa Xie said.

Students begin to learn how to adapt to remote learning by not only how to manage their time, but implementing a consistent environment to study.

“I suggest that students should try to create a space, free from distractions, in which they only use for e-learning if at all possible,” Schutzius said. “This helps the mind focus a little more when completing work.”

In addition, students should block the study barriers during their work time. Students who find a consistent study space can implement a strong learning system and feel less anxious about frontloading their work.

Although e-learning is designed around student independence, teachers have not disappeared into thin air. Students and teachers have the opportunity to interact on Zoom. In conjunction with the teachers’ office hours, they are advised to only enter classwork that improves the student’s grade. The question of how much improvement will the student have towards their grades remains.

“Grades are also a made or break for students trying to pass or get an A so some students are relying on finals. The grading standards for e-learning have been very vague throughout the pandemic,” Xie said.

On top of remote learning, the College Board has sent new updates regarding AP testing this year. They have changed the regular testing schedule and instead it will be a 45 minute online exam.

“The AP testing format has been changed to an FRQ which is totally different from what we have been practicing all year,” Xie said.

In addition, current juniors are uneasy about the postponement of standardized testing. The College Board and ACT have been tentative on scheduling changes and are leaving juniors confused.

“With the new changes in testing, I think it is harder now since they are cutting the time of the AP test. Also, there has been no [that I know of] news regarding the administered SAT school day and whether or not there will be one this year,” junior Muskaan Khana said